We are no strangers to unexpected (or completely expected) snow and ice. Snow and ice buildup can disrupt business, and create a potentially hazardous environment for customers or residents looking to enter your property.

At ACS PowerWash we want to ensure that you and your customers can access your property safely. From clearing sidewalks to relocating snow to maximize your usable space, we are equipped to handle every snow related task. To do this we maintain a full line of snow removal vehicles including pick-up trucks, salt trucks, wheel loaders and skid steers. This variety of vehicles allows us to employ the right size equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

When the weather is its roughest, punctuality is essential. We hire full time meteorology services for fast updates and reliable forecasts to ensure we are always ready when you need us to be. Even before the big storm our ice and snow professionals are at attention, ready to dispatch at a moments notice to keep your property clear for use. No matter what the forecast, you can guarantee accessing your property will be business as usual.

We also utilize a variety of agents for quick and efficient de-icing using a combination of liquid and dry deicers. The latest industry leading methods keeps pavement, walkways and parking decks free from ice build-up. The combination of experience and the correct use of equipment and information minimizes the hazards of ice and snow and reduces insurance liability. Routes are personally checked before, during, and after each event so that every potential problem is accounted for. So relax. Leave the weather to us.

We have a long list of satisfied customers including industrial, commercial, retail, municipal and educational facilities. If you would like to discuss our winter services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 847-446-8316 or email Info@ACSPowerwash.com.

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